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    We're moving!  Join us at our new website:

    Looking for Hot SaaS?

    Jolokia provides application management, custom development, next generation hybrid cloud voodoo combined with video delivery, compliance and governance all while writing one sentence.  Suspend your disbelief and check it:

    Cloud Application Management Mojo

    Our professional cloud management of enterprise-grade media and content management platforms removes the complexities and high costs of traditional on-premise deployments.

    Enterprise Video Delivery with Spice

    We manage and provide secure global Enterprise video delivery services both inside and outside the corporate firewall.  Use our Spice™ for comprehensive real time performance/usage analytics.

    Customized Componentry

    Our development robots create customized componentry to bridge and integrate solutions in our cloud to your company’s video ecosystem.  This includes single-sign-on authentication, video regulation/compliancy, and social platform integration.

    What's that?

    If that noise you just heard was all those buzzwords flying over your head, its okay!  We're here to help, we can partner you with consultants to design your system, we can recommend platforms, or we can just brag about our ability to eat spicy food since we like doing that too!


    "I never thought I'd like Jolokia's Hot SaaS until I tried it and it was Smokin'!"

    — One very satisfied customer

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