Open Source Windows Paravirtualization Drivers for Xen (GPLPV)

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    First of all, thank you James Harper for these drivers!

    Quick note for anyone who has already installed the GPLPV drivers and is upgrading (especially between the 0.9 and the 0.10 version) -- be sure to uninstall the old drivers before installing the new ones!  See the bottom of this page for a link to the uninstall program for dissertation writing jobs.

    Here's a link to the GPLPV downloads:

    We're using, and in production on 2003 and 2008 servers.  We're also using 0.9.12-pre13 on a lot of 2003 servers (we haven't upgraded them yet because they're working fine). is the first to work on 2008 x64 machines as it finally has a working test cert -- you need to turn testsigning on, but you're good after that.

    Choosing your GPLPV Drivers -- there are a whole bunch of drivers on the download page and the naming scheme is now mind boggling.  Here's how to chose the right drivers for you version of Windows.

    Installing the 0.11.x and 0.10.x GPLPV Drivers -- Like the 0.9.x drivers, this ia a bit messy, but again it is easy.  Make sure you've removed 0.9.x or Citrix PV drivers first!

    Installing the 0.9.x GPLPV Drivers -- This is a bit messy, but easy none the less (unless you have the Citrix Windows PV Drivers installed, in which case you should see below).

    Setting the GPLPV Driver Boot Parameter on 2008 and Vista -- no more boot.ini for you!  Must... use... BCDEDIT... because it's complex and has GUIDs!  I don't know about you, but without GUIDs my boot parameters might conflict with some other machine's boot parameters!

    Uninstalling the old GPLPV Drivers -- this is now relatively easy thanks to the downloadable script removal tool:

    Removing Citrix PV Drivers -- You'll need to get rid of these drivers before you migrate your virtual or you will need to boot into safe mode to stop the BSOD.

    The GPLPV network driver crashing the Windows VM problem is fixed.  Here's a good example of the rapid response rate to questions you get with the open source version.  I posted to the xen-users mailing list at about 3:27pm and had the problem solved by 3:56pm.

    Here's a link to the wiki for the open source Windows PV drivers: (the information is outdated, hence this page)

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