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    In Citrix 4.1 the .xva file is pretty simple, yet stupid.  It is a tar file, with screwed up dates, your old friend ova.xml and then a directories starting with Ref that are full of parts of your logical volumes that make up the drives of your virtual.  The ova.xml file has relevent metadata in it, but some moron laid out the xml in a format fit only for an incessently looping xml reading script -- you can read it, but you'll want to smack someone after you do.

    In 4.1 the files are numbered starting at 00000000 going up in blocks of 1MB.  When there is blank space on the drive, the files are skipped.  Pretty damned spiffy way of saving space compared to something like, I donno, compression?  Anyway, you can paste those files back together assuming you put the blank space back in and then use the file as a raw.  The program will do this for you:

    python xenmigrate --convert=myfiles/ref\: myfiles/output.raw

    That's it, it'll take some time, but you'll end up with a usable raw file.

    I thought 5.0 would introduce compressed files and segements up to 1GB.  It doesn't appear that any of that made it into 5.0 -- its files are the same as 4.0.

    I'd love it if someone would chime in here and tell me why someone would make a stupid file format like this.  What would be wrong with just tarring the up raw file?  Why break it into small bits if you are going to pack it into one file anyway?  Why not compress it?  Why is his head so big?  Why?

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    I agree that it is very stupid to do that.

    But I am sure it is so that they are difficult to migrate. edited 10:03, 7 Apr 2009
    Posted 10:02, 7 Apr 2009
    It seems that nobody tried this

    python xenmigrate --convert=myfiles/ref\: myfiles/output.raw

    it stops after first file i.e. makes image output.raw of 1M size :(
    Posted 18:00, 25 Oct 2011
    Same problem as zinkuz... Any fix on this?
    Posted 09:22, 4 Nov 2011
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